About Contracting & Marine Services

Contracting and Marine Services Company (S.A.K) was established in 09/13/1973 with a capital of five million Kuwaiti dinars and that to do all the contracting business, services, and maintenance of marine and petroleum – and have for this purpose do the operations described explicitly in this system, and the necessary other processes required by this task. CMS is allowed to have an interest or to participate in any aspect with other firms conducting similar activities or which may assist it to achieve its purpose in Kuwait or abroad. CMS has the freedom to buy any company or institution or to cooperate with it. CMS has the right to invest its surplus funds at their disposal in a conservative investment funds managed by specialized companies inside and outside Kuwait.

The most important investments of the company

First, investment in Kuwait Drilling Company (S.A.K)

The contribution of CMS is 51% of KDC’s stated capital. Kuwait Drilling Company (KDC) operations is related to the oil sector, and it also has to invest its surplus funds in investment funds managed by specialized companies inside and outside Kuwait.

Second, investment in International Marine Construction Company (S.A.K)

The contribution of Contracting and Marine Services (CMS) is 100% of IMCC’s stated capital. International Marine Construction Company (IMCC) operation is to implement all marine works for the oil industry. IMCC  is considered as one of the most experienced and efficient companies in completing contracts that are assigned to it, and it has maintained its efficiency and upscale level in completing its work since 1975 and to date.